Uniting Mind, Body & Soul

Uniting Mind, Body & Soul

Uniting Mind, Body & SoulUniting Mind, Body & SoulUniting Mind, Body & Soul

The purpose of life is to be happy. 

Exercise your body and mind to increase well-being with 

Yoga for Joy by Amy Tyre.


What's New

Shift to Showing Gratitude with Amy Tyre

Exciting news! Amy Tyre was featured on #IgnitionPoint – a podcast for ambitious young professionals and aspiring leaders.  Amy shares her point of view on why and how you can shift to showing gratitude! 

Full episode: http://bit.ly/S2E4-Gratitude


About Yoga for Joy

Yoga for Everyone


There's much to explore inside of yoga, and within ourselves, and Amy Tyre is an expert guide on the journey. 

Amy inspires and guides people to be their best selves. Applying the knowledge of the ancient yogis and other wisdom traditions, Amy helps people reduce suffering to uncover and live their best lives.

Amy is honored to speak, leads group workshops and retreats, and is available for private sessions too.  Let’s connect -- attend a class or contact me contact form.

Yoga Classes

Increase your wellbeing with Amy Tyre's weekly yoga classes.

Enhance your wellness with Amy's weekly yoga classes. Everyone is welcome. 

Steeped in yoga philosophy, Amy's classes help foster personal growth, reduce suffering and motivate people to step into the lives they were meant to live.  Classes are designed for all -- from Chair Yoga for those with reduced mobility to more physically strenuous Vinyasa Flow and everything in between.

Amy is a cheerleader providing unbiased nurturing support on the road of life. 

Yoga For Awakening Joy Workshop

Attend a Yoga for Awakening Joy workshop and feel more inner peace in an increasingly hectic world.

Are you as happy as you'd like to be?  

The Dalai Lama and Swami Rama tell us the purpose of life is to be happy. 

The Yoga for Awakening Joy workshop is a set of practices and techniques to help us feel better inside and out -- mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  

Contact Amy to bring this workshop to your location.